Chess- "like love is infectious at any age"



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  • Basic chess strategems
    1. You need strong pieces..exercise your pieces to strengthen them.... by moving them as many times as possible within the first 15-20 moves.
    2. As far as possible, try not to move any pawns, as that will let your opponent invade your side of the board.
    3. Try to snatch your opponents queen when he/she is not looking. 
    4. Before the start of the game, tell your opponent that you have a very bad cold/headache, this will take away his/her pleasure if he/she wins and if you win, then you can say you won inspite of a cold!.
    5. Offer a draw when you think your opponent is winning - this can throw him/her off balance.
    6. Tell you opponent, that its your first cousin who programmed IBM's Deeper-Blue!! 
    7. DON'T TAKE ANY OF THE ABOVE SERIOUSLY.. I  was only joking.  Instead; get a good chess book, or still better, join a chess club and also, browse through the links below!!

    8. (Bur seriously.. ideas No.4, 5 & 6 may be worth a try!!!.)

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