Adventures Beyond the Body

How to Experience Out-Of-Body Travel

By : William L. Buhlman

1 Ed, Paperback, 292 pages, Published by HarperCollins (paper), Publication date: June 1,1996. Dimensions (in inches): 8.10 x 5.37 x .81 ISBN: 0062513710. Availability: This item usually shipped within 2-3 days.


For all who have thrilled to accounts of out-of-body travel and yearned to go along for the ride, America's leading expert on astral projection offers the riveting tale of his travels beyond the body and offers easy-to-follow techniques to guide readers on the journey of a lifetime--and beyond.

The author, William Buhlman, 02/07/97:

Out-of-body experiences are exciting and you can do it! For more information about out-of-body experiences visit my web site - Currently I am conducting an online survey about out-of-body experiences and I welcome your input.

Customer Comments : A reader, 12/02/96, rating=1:

An extremely eye opening view of the inner universes!. For those of you who are interested in a out of this world adventure, hold on to your s0cks, its time to go for the ride of your life! You will not have a greater understanding of who you are till you have done some time TRAVELIN' (OOBE) through time and space with the angels. The best way to take a trip without leaving the farm.

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