What is KCPF ?

KCPF was formed in 1997 by a few of us (whose names are in our Team page) with the sole intention of providing a forum for chess players across karnataka to come together and protest and fight against the gross mal-practices and suppressive practices of the so called Apex chess body in the state : Karnataka Chess Association.

For the last decade a vested group of people got themselves firmly entrenched in the executive committee of KCA and used their power to intimidate and exploit the chess players in the state.

The situation reached a boiling point when in 1997 a few of us discovered from the Karnataka State Sports Council that, financial grants were regularly being issued to KCA for the purpose of sending players to the national championships and to hold State/national/International level chess tournaments.. and most of us who have represented the state for more than a decade discovered to our horror and shock that the grants meant for our participation in national tournaments were fattening the Honourable officebearers of KCA !..

It has been estimated that atleast 20 teams in different age group categories are sent to represent the state in nationals and more than 90% of the people who have thus played in nationals testified that they have not recieved any sort of financial assistance from KCA.

At the same time another scandal raised its head.., a internation chess festival for children was scheduled to be held in Moscow, Russia and for the same The karnataka State Sports Council allocated about Rs 200000 (approximately US$4500) towards airfare to Moscow etc, thinking that the KCA would hold regular selection tournaments and select meritorious candidates to represent the country/state. But what actually happened was, instead of holding the selections a few players were selected on ad-hoc basis.. : the son of Vice-President of KCA, the son of Organising Secretary of KCA, and daughter of KCA's internal auditor.. along with few other players.. the decadence of KCA reached such a stage that to accompany this team wife of KCA's Internal auditor was selcted as coach cum manager of this team, all at the expense of karnataka state sports council.. who surprisingly did not bother to enquire if the grants are being utilised properly.

To cut a long story short, a meeting of chess players was called by a few of us and the facts were placed before them.. and it was there decided to bring into existance the KCPF.