Have an Out-Of-Body Experience in 30 Days

The Free Flight Program

By: Keith Harary, Pamela Weintraub

1st Ed. Paperback, 99 pages, Published by St Martins Press, Publication date: September 1,1989, Dimensions (in inches): 8.03 x 5.17 x .28. ISBN: 0312033559. Availability: This item usually shipped within 2-3 days.


With easy-to-follow, day-by-day instructions, Harary and Weintraub show readers how to leave their bodies and experience such out-of-body variations as going back in time and out-of-body sex.

Customer Comments (rexhite@gtii.com, 05/30/96, rating=7:)

Good one to start with. This book is written in a non-occult manner that will apeal a large body of readers. Recomended for those who wish to explore themselves and beyond. Written simply, in an easy manner, with a calander for easy use included.

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