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Hi, I am Shivanand, from Bangalore a great city in south-central India, Population : about 5 million!..prolific breeders, we are!),a  chess player by birth, business-man by profession, and arguably THE Smartest guy in the whole wide world!..well...leaving aside the likes of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking!(and a few billion others., give or take a few millions), not every one would agree with me about this, but well, I am not too keen to prove my point, I mean why bother?... (Some one should form a FAN-CLUB for me!) Apart from Chess it is matters Para- normal /Occult and Psychic that interest me, you will find some Occult / Psychic and Chess related links here. BTW, Please click on the banners in this page as it builds up my site’s credits, and will motivate me to improve the look and content of this page; it wont take long, and you can come back to this page after the clicked page is fully loaded. Thank you for visiting :)

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